For the Love of a Weiner


My Dog Riley

This is a tale of a Weiner

For food, there is no one keener

I’m cute as can be at 2 years old

As soon as Mummies saw me- I was sold

I’m playful, fast and full of beans

I listen to you talk ’cause I know what it means

I like to casually lie on my back

I’ll wake up immediately if you have a snack

When I’m in a mood I’ll tear around the house

Feet flying out from under me like a crazy crack mouse

They say I look like a nutty ferret as I run

But I assure you, I’m just having so much fun

I like to have baths and go rub a dub dub

I’ll flop on my back anywhere for a belly rub

I’ll wake you up with my unique whine

Sounds like a baby gator most of the time

I’m chocolate and smooth and ever so soft

Sometimes I’ll fart and let it linger and waft

I like to tease my sister, the lazy lump

She lets me chase her but never hump

I am the man of the house-really the King

What’s in your hand? What’s that thing?

Everyone loves me because I’m just me

Because a cuter Weiner, you never did see.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Love Dogs,


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